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Some handicapping sites couldn’t care less about the picks they release, just looking to get a selection on the board. At, every selection goes through a scrupulous process, starting with a round-table approach from our panel of expert handicappers. Potential sports handicapping picks are weighed against pages of information on teams, players and officials as well as in-depth statistical breakdowns, analytical anomalies and current betting trends. Those selections are cross-checked with available odds, expected market reaction and movement before getting a final stamp of approval from Christian himself.

We know a handicapping service is only as good as its sports handicapping picks, and we put our reputation on the line each and every time we release a selection. Do we lose sometimes? Of course we do - it’s sports betting. However, our painstaking process and long-term money-making results have earned a rock-solid reputation in the industry, among bettors and books alike.

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2016-09-11NFL 471 Side (Miami Dolphins) Miami Dolphins +10.5 -110 +1.00 WIN
2016-09-11NFL 461 Side (Oakland Raiders) Raiders +1.5 -105 +1.00 WIN
2016-09-11NFL 477 Total Under 1st Half Patriots/Cardinals Under 22.5 Ev +1.00 WIN
2016-09-10NCAAF 391 Side (California Golden Bears) California Golden Bears +7-110 +1.00 WIN
2016-09-10NCAAF 329 Side (Akron Zips) Akron Zips +24-110 -1.10 LOSS
2016-09-10NCAAF 323 Side (Ball State Cardinals) Ball St +18-110 +1.00 WIN
2016-09-10NCAAF 383 Side (Brigham Young Cougars) BYU+3-110 +1.00 WIN
2016-09-06MLB 926 Moneyline (Oakland Athletics) Oakland As +105 (Money Line) +1.05 WIN
2016-09-04NCAAF 209 Side (Texas Longhorns) Texas Longhorns +4.5-110 +1.00 WIN