What is Sports Handicapping?

Who are the brains behind the SportsBettingHandicapper.com team and just what is sports handicapping? Since oddsmakers first started hanging numbers on sporting events, there have been people picking apart those odds and discovering the best way to beat the bookmakers. Our roster has more than 100 years of professional handicapping experience, including former bookies, oddsmakers, mathematical masterminds, Las Vegas veterans, and of course, our founder Christian, who handpicked each and every contributor to the SportsBettingHandicapper.com database.

Christian was an original member of the legendary handicapping group “The Animals”, renowned for his ability to read line movement before it happened, offering his clients the most opportune time and price to place their wagers. He’s worked for some of the largest sports betting syndicates in the industry, breaking down action from all over the globe. So, when you ask “what is sports handicapping?”, the short answer is SportsBettingHandicapper.com.