Press Release: Tampa Bay Rays Season Start

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Press Release: Tampa Bay Rays Season Start | Top Stories by

The Tampa Rays have started the MLB season on an absolute tear. Through the first few series of the season and including their 1-0 win over the Boston Red Sox on April 10th they are a perfect 10-0 with a run differential of 58!


Let’s take a closer look at some of their stats:
Runs scored: 76 (1st in MLB)
Runs allowed: 18 (1st)
OPS: .967 (1st)
ERA: 1.89 (1st)
Barrel %, batters: 14.2% (1st)
Hard hit %, pitchers: 32.1% (1st)



How historic is their start? There have only been 3 teams in history to start better.

Here they are:





1st in NL East, lost 3-0 to Cardinals in NLCS





3rd in AL East, missed postseason




37-23, 27-22

1st & 2nd in AL West, lost 3-0 to Yankees in ALCS


With the streak in mind the oddsmakers at have released betting odds on how much longer the streak would last which are:

11 games -170
12 games +100
13 games +150
14 games +200
15 games +300
15 + games +500


Head oddsmaker Dave Johnson had the following to say regarding the prop bet, “Tampa has started strong, but their first three series were against the worst teams in the league which include Detroit, Washington, and Oakland.

The 1st game of the Boston series was a scrape-by win, and I can see their luck ending very soon. Players love these types of bets especially fans of the team involved so we expect to take some serious action from players in and around Tampa Bay.” is one of the most respected online sportsbooks in the industry, offering wagering on the NFL and all major sporting events.

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